This is the post excerpt.

What a beautiful time and space to come and express the uniqueness of my experience in this lifetime. I’m super excited about this platform and to be attuned to the vibrational part of me that expresses my perspective in this format is extremely satisfying and refreshing. I plan to make this blog very dear to me. Personal yet healing, inspiring & informational stay tuned, theres so much more to come ! ๐Ÿ’•
-Nique Monae


And you are?

Hello again readers,

I’m really excited yet a little anxious about tonights post. I’ve decided to do no planning but to go with the flow of the moment. Speaking of, how often do you take a moment to appreciate a point in time and space that you have no plans or expectations for? What is there to value about these times? What are you allowing yourself to receive?…  I’ll let those questions linger while I dive into finally introducing myself. My name is Sheniqua Hoover, I go by Nique Monae. I am 26 years old and I was born December 17th 1990. I was born and raised in Chicago il on the South side and attended high school in Bolingbrook il to keep it simple. I can sum up the essence of who I am in a few words, statements, stories of experiences that led me here, (creating a blog on word press to share my point view.) Just to help those curious get a good feel for who I am. I am an extremely passionate woman seeking with all of my soul to spread love and light on this earth during these times in the evolution of humanity and our planet. I care so much because I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend and an aunt and the well being of my loved ones (you all included) mean everything to me. I know that we all came here with a purpose to add some sort of specific value to the world with our unique existence and since I was 20 i’ve been obsessed with finding out, and fulfilling mine. Maximizing my experience on this planet and being the best version of myself possible. Its so important to me for the children of our generation to see adults strive to be amazing, loving, ambitious, successful people to say the least. Its important that we inspire the youth through the pursuing of our own passions, purposes, and success and by always being  authentic to our truest selves. I’ve been a writer/poet since I learned to put words to paper. Although not the only talent I feel burning passion for its definitely apart of me I want to leave behind when I’m no longer here. Expressing, relieving, inspiring and sharing my perspective through writing has always been apart of my identity. A journal has always been a wonderful gift for me during anytime of the year. Its been personal  my whole life, something I rarely shared and kept to myself up until recently. I realized exactly  how valuable this gift/talent of mine really is. I realize that this gift was given to me for me to give away to others. Given to me to use to bring the light of who I am to all those out there meant to receive it, so that’s exactly the plan!  

Who are you & what the heck are you doing here? 

๐Ÿ˜Š stay tuned !

-Nique Monae๐ŸŒท

The sun is shining!

Good afternoon readers, 

I write this in hopes that it finds you and lifts you to a higher, more satisfying, and comfortable place. The great thing about uncomfortable experiences are the options they give us, I say that as I’m sitting here on a beautiful sunny day that I hate to admit I’m not exactly enjoying. As much as I know about being the creator being that I am its fairly new and some days all I can see, taste, touch, and smell are the current circumstances that I want so much to change. I really appreciate the moments that I’m able to slow down, to step outside of myself and recognize this resistance on my journey to consistent alignment. There’s so much I would love to do today, so many different experiences I think that I could have that would assist me in enjoying this beautiful day but those activities and circumstances are not where my true freedom resides. My true power and freedom lies in my ability to allow myself to feel how I believe new circumstances would make me feel now, in this moment. So often we miss some of the most beautiful times/moments in our lives because we’re waiting for better days but better days start when you allow them to. True freedom is in the mind, the sun is shining, what perspective are you viewing it from?

PS. I’m still planning an official introduction to post. Some background on who I am, what I represent and my purpose. It’ll come together when its ready I’m a firm believer in allowing things to flow naturally. Stay tuned there’s STILL much more to come.